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Problems Caused By the Use of Digital Innovation-Free-Samples

Question: Talk about a portion of the issues brought about by the utilization of advanced and electronic development in medicinal services and clinical practice. What are the potential answers for these difficulties? Answer: Presentation: With the coming of innovation and advanced development, the social insurance division has likewise not stayed immaculate. Or maybe, the powerful reception of the advanced wellbeing instruments and electronic innovation, has to a great extent helped in improving the nature of medicinal services administration. The human services experts are presently equipped for utilizing the utilization of different inventive instruments including portable wellbeing applications, telemedicine and remote observing applications that assist them with offering far reaching social insurance answers for the patients and their families (Sultan, 2015). In any case, as of late it has been seen that numerous social insurance experts have voiced their embitterment with the improvement of the advanced medicinal services segments, and henceforth this report expects to investigate the difficulties and constraints that can conceivably obstruct the development . Discoveries: In spite of the development of electronic innovation, particularly portable innovation, the fruitful improvement just as coordination of new innovation in the customary set-up of a human services segment is in fact testing and requires an exceptionally extreme move from the conventional just as single-disciplinary clinical way to deal with an increasingly creative methodology. Unnecessary to express this would infer extra interest through preparing of human services work force and well as created framework (Hollis et al., 2015). Once more, at exactly the same time, it is essential to note here that inferable from the ongoing progressive accomplishment in versatile innovation, it has gotten feasible for the medicinal services segments to screen the strength of the patients, and recommend prescription during odd hours of the day. This is particularly advantageous while giving human services administration to the patients living in the remote and inside territories of the country, for e xample, Torres Strait Island. Thus, as increasingly more social insurance experts are being given access to Personal Electronic Devices, as Smart Phones. Conversation: Be that as it may, notwithstanding the advantages, the issue is, that numerous human services staff have been blamed for continually checking internet based life, writings and email talks prompting the weakening of medicinal services administration being given to the patients. Note that the electronic interruption has been evaluated as one of the top factors that has represented the most extreme clinical innovation blunders. With over 80% of the social insurance experts utilizing the cell phones for customer administration reason, a significant number of them abuse equivalent to the pathways to escape from their expert obligations (Bailey et al., 2015). Once more, the significance of Electronic Health Records in the arrangement of an effective and composed social insurance administration can't be overemphasized. It ought to be noticed that the EHR enables the human services divisions to keep, keep up, incorporate just as give forward-thinking and exact information about the patients to the social insurance experts, just as the patients and their families as and when required. There is no increase expressing this additionally helps with offering a more secure and increasingly solid medicine of prescriptions and social insurance backing to the patients, as the case history and beforehand treatment process is promptly accessible to the doctor (Reamer, 2015). Be that as it may, since this framework empowers the human services associations secure profoundly classified and delicate information of the patients, absence of information security, the maltreatment of patient protection and breaking of information can likewise happen. End In this manner from the above conversation, it very well may be presumed that medicinal services advances are a significant need in the social insurance areas. Nonetheless, there are sure difficulties as experienced by the social insurance experts that frustrate the ideal usage of these capital innovations in wellbeing. Proposal For the streamlined execution of the human services innovations, certain estimates should be taken off. Like so as to beat the entrance of the honing of the relational abilities, posing a similar inquiry is various routes so as to comprehend the gravity of the circumstance and expanded significance of the underlying appraisal. So as to impact the social insurance experts to embrace these promising advances in the wellbeing area and to beat the robbery of theft, an appropriate working IT group is required. IT group will smooth out the supportable use of the human services advances like Electronic Health Records and Tele correspondence (Gagnon et al., 2012). The group will oversee and investigate the database while forestalling framework hang and information thefting. In addition, the IT experts are the best individual to prepare the human services experts with respect to the ideal usage of the social insurance innovations. Reference List: Ajami, S., Bagheri-Tadi, T. (2013). Hindrances for receiving electronic wellbeing records (EHRs) by physicians.Acta Informatica Medica,21(2), 129. Bailey, J., Mann, S., Wayal, S., Abraham, C., Murray, E. (2015). Computerized media intercessions for sexual wellbeing promotionopportunities and challenges.BMJ,350, h1099. Bayley, K. B., Belnap, T., Savitz, L., Masica, A. L., Shah, N., Fleming, N. S. (2013). Difficulties in utilizing electronic wellbeing record information for CER: experience of 4 learning associations and arrangements applied.Medical care,51, S80-S86. Gartee, R. (2016).Electronic wellbeing records: comprehension and utilizing modernized clinical records. Prentice Hall. Hollis, C., Morriss, R., Martin, J., Amani, S., Cotton, R., Denis, M., Lewis, S. (2015). Mechanical developments in mental medicinal services: bridling the computerized revolution.The British Journal of Psychiatry,206(4), 263-265. Reamer, F. G. (2015). Clinical social work in a computerized situation: Ethical and hazard the executives challenges.Clinical Social Work Journal,43(2), 120-132 Rothwell, E., Ellington, L., Planalp, S., Crouch, B. (2012). Investigating difficulties to telehealth correspondence by masters in poison information.Qualitative wellbeing research,22(1), 67-75. Ruler, N. (2015). Intelligent musings on the potential and difficulties of wearable innovation for medicinal services arrangement and clinical education.International Journal of Information Management,35(5), 521-526

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Tourism Management Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The travel industry Management Assignment - Essay Example This paper takes a gander at current execution of the Eiffel Tower as a visitor goal. The initial segment will give essential data and a short audit of visits. As this paper means to take a gander at how Eiffel Tower passages as a vacationer goal, it will use scientific strategies to legitimize and reinforce the evaluation. After the investigation on the activity of Eiffel Tower, the paper will give suggestions and potential estimates that can be embraced to build visitor appearances and receipts. Likewise, it will offer recommendations on the most proficient method to additionally amplify the utility picked up by voyagers when visiting Eiffel Tower. These proposals will obviously, lay on the future possibilities which will likewise be distinguished in this paper. The Eiffel Tower is a renowned vacation spot in France as well as in the whole world. This structure is an image of the imaginative innovation which is as of now existent toward the finish of the nineteenth century. Postcards sent from France for the most part convey a picture of the pinnacle, showing the ubiquity of this monstrous structure. Eiffel Tower, being the top fascination in Paris records roughly 6 million guests every year (The Structure of Eiffel Tower and Its Evolution 2006). The Eiffel Tower was worked for the International Exhibition of Paris of 1889 to celebrate and honor the century of the French Revolution. The structure of the Eiffel Tower originated from Gustave Eiffel, who won among the 700 proposition submitted in a plan rivalry. After its development, the pinnacle was formally opened by the Prince of Wales King Edward VII of England. The foundation of the pinnacle in 1889 denoted the fulfillment of the world's tallest (300 meters) working until 1930. From the outset, the structure of the pinnacle was met with obstruction as individuals think about it as a blemish. Presently, this ends up being incorrectly as it draws a ton of vacationers and pay to France. There are a ton of stunning realities which draws in voyagers to this specific foundation. For one, the pinnacle's stature fluctuates as indicated by the temperature. This is because of the way that the metal utilized in building the Eiffel Tower extends as temperature rises. Along these lines, the highest point of the pinnacle may move away from the sun by up to 8cm (3.25 inches). The Eiffel tower is being repainted at regular intervals to shield the structure from rust. Vacationers are allowed to participate in picking what shading the pinnacle will be by a survey. Vacationers can investigate the three degrees of the structure to absolutely welcome the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower. The ground floor is comprises of the huge water driven lift hardware which has been utilized since 1899, change office and the Paris Tourist Office. In the interim, vacationers can walk and unwind at the main floor where anybody can have a brief look at the pinnacle's ongoing and previous history. The principal floor additionally houses an area of the winding flight of stairs, the first pressure driven siphon, a FerOscope, Observatory of Tower Top Movement, the all encompassing markers, verifiable boards, Cineffeil, shows of the pinnacle, trinket shop, lunch room, PARIS-TOUR EFFIEL Post Office and web stations and telephone stalls. Elevation 95, one of the main two eateries in the pinnacle can likewise be visited in the primary floor. The subsequent floor offers a 360 perspective all in all city of Paris. This is the ideal spot to make a photographic investigatio n of the city. Like the main floor, this level

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Diversity Secondary Essay Sample Writer - How to Use the Writing Tool to Create Your Own Powerful Essay

Diversity Secondary Essay Sample Writer - How to Use the Writing Tool to Create Your Own Powerful EssayIn this article, we discuss how to use Diversity Secondary Essay Sample Writer to create a compelling and successful secondary thesis. You will discover how to do this easily in an easy and effective way.The Diversity Secondary Essay Sample Writer is a writing tool that helps you make your secondary thesis as unique as possible. A common problem among students is having a mediocre and ineffective secondary thesis. Here are the methods that you can follow to make your secondary thesis extraordinary.First, you need to choose your primary topic. It is usually a good idea to choose a topic which is not known by many people. It will help in creating a specific niche market.Second, you need to write your secondary essay from a different perspective. This is very important. You will have to write from a deeper perspective. You need to be open-minded to a different viewpoint and use your im agination to create a strong argument based on a different angle.Third, you need to write your secondary essay from a different perspective. This is very important. You will have to write from a deeper perspective.Fourth, you need to use Diversity Secondary Essay Sample Writer creatively. You need to be creative in your use of the facts and ideas to build a strong and unique argument. It is important to use your imagination to bring in a fresh and original aspect into your essay.Fifth, you need to use a different topic to make your second essay a hit. Different topics have different market interest. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a different topic which has a high market interest.In conclusion, here are the 5 essential steps that you need to follow to improve your essay with the help of Diversity Secondary Essay Sample Writer. These steps will help you avoid the common errors of students who do not understand the importance of their essays. Use these 5 steps and you will definitely create a better essay.

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Cobalt Facts and Physical Properties

Atomic Number: 27 Symbol: Co Atomic Weight: 58.9332 Discovery: George Brandt, circa 1735, maybe 1739 (Sweden) Electron Configuration: [Ar] 4s2 3d7 Word Origin: German Kobald: evil spirit or goblin; Greek cobalos: mine Isotopes: Twenty-six isotopes of cobalt ranging from Co-50 to Co-75. Co-59 is the only stable isotope. Properties Cobalt has a melting point of 1495Â °C, boiling point of 2870Â °C, specific gravity of 8.9 (20Â °C), with a valence of 2 or 3. Cobalt is a hard, brittle metal. It is similar in appearance to iron and nickel. Cobalt has a magnetic permeability around 2/3 that of iron. Cobalt is found as a mixture of two allotropes over a wide temperature range. The b-form is dominant at temperatures under 400Â °C, while the a-form predominates at higher temperatures. Uses Cobalt forms many useful alloys. It is alloyed with iron, nickel, and other metals to form Alnico, an alloy with exceptional magnetic strength. Cobalt, chromium, and tungsten may be alloyed to form Stellite, which is used for high-temperature, high-speed cutting tools and dies. Cobalt is used in magnet steels and stainless steels. It is used in electroplating because of its hardness and resistance to oxidation. Cobalt salts are used to impart permanent brilliant blue colors to glass, pottery, enamels, tiles, and porcelain. Cobalt is used to make Sevres and Thenards blue. A cobalt chloride solution is used to make a sympathetic ink. Cobalt is essential for nutrition in many animals. Cobalt-60 is an important gamma source, tracer, and radiotherapeutic agent. Sources: Cobalt is found in the minerals cobaltite, erythrite, and smaltite. It is commonly associated with ores of iron, nickel, silver, lead, and copper. Cobalt is also found in meteorites. Element Classification: Transition Metal Cobalt Physical Data Density (g/cc): 8.9 Melting Point (K): 1768 Boiling Point (K): 3143 Appearance: Hard, ductile, lustrous bluish-gray metal Atomic Radius (pm): 125 Atomic Volume (cc/mol): 6.7 Covalent Radius (pm): 116 Ionic Radius: 63 (3e) 72 (2e) Specific Heat (20Â °C J/g mol): 0.456 Fusion Heat (kJ/mol): 15.48 Evaporation Heat (kJ/mol): 389.1 Debye Temperature (K): 385.00 Pauling Negativity Number: 1.88 First Ionizing Energy (kJ/mol): 758.1 Oxidation States: 3, 2, 0, -1 Lattice Structure: Hexagonal Lattice Constant (Ã…): 2.510 CAS Registry Number: 7440-48-4 Cobalt Trivia Cobalt derived its name from German miners. They named cobalt ore after mischievous spirits called kobalds. Cobalt ores commonly contain the useful metals copper and nickel. The problem with cobalt ore is it usually contains arsenic as well. Attempts to smelt the copper and nickel typically failed and would often produce toxic arsenic oxide gases.The brilliant blue color cobalt gives to glass was originally attributed to bismuth. Bismuth is often found with cobalt. Cobalt was isolated by Swedish chemist, Georg Brandt who proved the coloring was due to cobalt.The isotope Co-60 is a strong gamma radiation source. It is used to sterilize food and medical supplies as well as radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer.Cobalt is a central atom in vitamin B-12.Cobalt is ferromagnetic. Cobalt magnets stay magnetic to the highest temperature of any other magnetic element.Cobalt has six oxidation states: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The most common oxidation states are 2 and 3.The oldest cobalt col ored glass was found in Egypt dated between 1550-1292 B.C.Cobalt has an abundance of 25 mg/kg (or parts per million) in the Earths crust.Cobalt has an abundance of 2 x 10-5 mg/L in sea water.Cobalt is used in alloys to increase temperature stability and decrease corrosion. References: Los Alamos National Laboratory (2001), Crescent Chemical Company (2001), Langes Handbook of Chemistry (1952), CRC Handbook of Chemistry Physics (18th Ed.) International Atomic Energy Agency ENSDF database (Oct 2010) Return to the Periodic Table

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Role Of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - 1433 Words

Tamara Rose Week 2 Homework MGM520 1. State the administrative agency that controls the regulation. Explain why this agency and your proposed regulation interest you (briefly). Will this proposed regulation affect you, or the business in which you are working? If so, how? The regulation that I have chosen for this paper is amendment in the Regulation X i.e. â€Å"Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act† and Regulation Z which is for â€Å"Truth in Lending†, for establishing the new disclosure requirements and forms in Regulation Z for the most closed-end consumer credit transactions secured by the real property. This regulation is controlled by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. The role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is to provide consumers information related to the terms of their agreements with financial companies during their application for a mortgage, choosing among credit cards, or using any number of other consumer financial products. The mortgage market is the single largest market for the consumer of financial products and the services in the United States, with approximately $10.4 trillion in loans outstanding. Since last decade, market went through an unprecedented cycle of the expansion and the c ontraction that was fuelled in the part by securitization of mortgages and the creation of increasingly sophisticated derivative products. This led to the collapse of financial system in 2008 and sparked the most severe recession in United States.Show MoreRelatedWhy The Cfpb Has The Authority Of A Regulations That Restrict Backoffices Transactions1071 Words   |  5 Pagesagainst the citizens financial data while BackOffice tracking the financial data through applications that connected to the bills sender. This data protection is one of the CFPB s mission which is strictly protect the citizens financial data, the bill sender that through a BackOffice third party billing applications would also transmit the consumer privacy data, it is the primary focus of consumer protection. Dealing with the constitutional rights, CFPB actually protects the consumer s right to obtainRead MoreFinancial Education : An Organization For The World Of Economics And Finance905 Words   |  4 Pagesterm financial education is consented to be general and clearly recognized. In an effort to develop sound financial decision making amongst consumers, under which financial literature from current ongoing financial education programs is analyzed, education is the main delivery route. Under several databases, this research narrowed itself when used the terms financial education, financial education research and community impact; the National Institute of Health darted this National Bureau of EconomicRead MoreElizabeth Warren, The Country s Leading Financial Policy Experts1683 Words   |  7 PagesElizabeth Warren, born Elizabeth Herring, is considered one of the country’s leading financial policy experts. Warren fights for lower and middle class families and works to protect them from large corporations and financial institutions. Originally she attended George Washington University, but she dropped out of college after two years to marry and follow her husband to Texas, where she finished her degree in speech pathology (, n.d.). While a mother of three and working as a speechRead MoreProtecting The American Consumer : What Is The Federal Trade Commission?1320 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican Consumer: What is the Federal Trade Commission For the last 100 years a single federal agency has stood to protect the american consumers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was established as an administrative government agency that was created by congress to enforce the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA). The FTCA gives authorities the power to prohibit unfair methods of competition as a means to protect consumers. The Commission’s mission is dual objective, protect consumers and promoteRead MoreGuidelines Of Title Vii Of The Civil Rights Bill Of 19641454 Words   |  6 Pagesshareholder reports. I explored the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and t he possibility of regulations that could regulate and restrict the kind of transactions that BackOffice will automate and that these regulations could adversely affect the market for the new app. According to (About us, 2015) â€Å"The Dodd - Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Dodd - Frank Act) established the CFPB.† This organization educates the consumer about abusive practices, enforceRead MoreThe Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform And Consumer Protection Act Essay1486 Words   |  6 PagesA magnified outlook on The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The united states is currently the proprietor of nearly nineteen trillion dollars in debt, and that number continues to increase to by 2.53 billion per day. With close to three hundred million people in the united states each shared citizen’s debt would be around sixty-one thousand dollars. (debt calculator website). In 2008 at the end of the George bush administration the country was said to be in the worst economicRead MoreConstitutional Rights And Guarantees Regarding Business Transactions1185 Words   |  5 PagesBackOffice Application Patten University Contents Background Information 3 BackOffice Application 4 Constitutional Rights and Guarantees Regarding Business 4 Roles of Contracts in business Transactions 5 Ethical Considerations pt.1. 7 Ethical Considerations pt.2. 7 Negotiable Instruments 8 Employment Laws 8 Business Organization 8 References 9 Background Information You are a lawyer giving legal advice to a young entrepreneur who has sought your guidance as she builds her company. HerRead MoreEssay about Operation of National Security Agency (NSA)620 Words   |  3 Pagesfair to them or their users since the NSA collects this data without anyone’s consent or permission. Furthermore, the issue of consumer privacy also brings up the discussion as to whether or not the government is overreaching with their power or whether they have the power to spy on their citizens to begin with; another discussion around this topic is regarding the role of the states in helping develop some sort of regulations for this type of information gathering activities. Most of this controversyRead MoreThe Banking Industry And Wells Fargo1703 Words   |  7 PagesThe banking industry and Wells Fargo must use analytics to better understand market segments to allow them to correctly identity which markets to enter. Without the correct capital allocation within cert ain markets, any financial institution can see their revenue shares dwindle thus creating a direct need for market forecasting. I can recall a town hall meeting from 2011, where John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo, and several high ranking executives spoke on Wells Fargo’s ability to overcome the obstaclesRead MoreHow Laws Affects The Travel Industry In British Columbia1367 Words   |  6 Pages Business Law in Canada All businesses in Canada are bound by laws reflective of the nature of the business. There are laws that protect the consumer, laws that protect the business owner, and laws that protect suppliers. Although many laws are regulatory in nature across the board for all businesses, some are specifically geared to industries. Below I will outline three ways in which the law affects the travel industry in British Columbia, specifically. This will be outlined from the perspective

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Personal Narrative A Missing Piece - 927 Words

A Missing Piece As we watched Parenthood there was one scene that really stuck out to me; Cool’s father left him. I understand completely that it was a movie, but it struck me kind of hard since I understand what it feels like to be left behind. Even though my situation is a little different, I faced the same challenges and emotions. My father didn’t just walk out and leave my sisters and I behind like we were nothing, he passed away leaving a wife and three girls behind. My dad was my best friend, he would always pick me up from pre-school and take me back to his apartment where we would play games and watch movies. At this time my dad, Steve, struggled for many years with dialysis, diabetes, and kidney problems. He went through years and years of treatments and had one kidney and one pancreas transplant; each one failed. Cool’s situation is different compared to mine, for example: he will see his father at some point, and he knows he is still out there. However , it is the same; you feel abandoned, and will be missing that parent to look up to. As I watched that scene, the only thing that traveled through my mind was, he is only 6, and just lost his dad. You can look at his face and see how he doesn’t understand why his dad left him; he also, doesn’t know what that even means or what is happening. This may only be a movie, but the struggles he will go through by not having a father to look up to are imbarable. He will always have that sense of something missing. For theShow MoreRelatedThe Enigma Of Russian Identity Essay1561 Words   |  7 Pageshistory of Russia has been defined by various narratives. These narratives come from multiple ethnic groups, religious groups, writers, and leaders, which can be illustrated as the puzzle pieces that construct the enigma of Russian identity. Throughout the history of Russia there too has been a push to centralize Russian identity through the principle of Russification. Furthermore it was the push for these multiple narratives to assimilate into one narrative that was the product of the Tsar. While RussificationRead MorePersonal Statement : My Personal Philosophy Of Education1193 Words   |  5 PagesMy philosophy of education is that every child should receive high quality education that is inclusive, relevant and meaningful to their life. I am a firm believer of making pedagogy relatable to my students. My vision is driven by my personal experiences with the American school system. I was what is thought of as â€Å"A child at risk†. I am an immigrant, black, Muslim student. My life is complex as I am a part of multiple marginalized groups. Most of my teachers looked at me in a pity way. They alwaysRead MoreThe Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold1231 Words   |  5 Pagesfilm with reference to The Lovely Bones. The Lovely Bones is a 2002 novel by Alice Sebold about a teenage girl called Susie Salmon, a 14 year old girl who was raped and murdered by her neighbour George Harvey in 1973. She then watches from her own personal Heaven as her family and friends struggle to move on with their lives while she comes to terms with her own death. We follow Susie Salmon throughout the story as she witnesses the events on the earth, experiencing hopes and longings for the everydayRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Education1056 Words   |  5 PagesEngagement My philosophy of education is that every child should receive high quality education that is inclusive, relevant and meaningful to their life. I am a firm believer of making pedagogy relatable to my students. My vision is driven by my personal experiences with the American school system. I was what is thought of as â€Å"A child at risk†. I am an immigrant, black, Muslim student. My life is transactional as I am a part of multiple marginalized groups. Most of my teachers looked at me in aRead MoreSteps For The Narrative Research Process1201 Words   |  5 PagesSteps for the Narrative Research Process The steps for conducting narrative research are well established. 1 Concern/Design Identify Phenomenon When designing a narrative research plan, the researcher must identify a phenomenon to address a problem. (e.g., in the case of Dr. Clendenin’s research, many beginner teachers were not remaining in the profession past the first few years.) the high rate of attrition for beginner teachers. For Empire of the Son, the questions are many: what role doesRead MoreFrederick Douglass, An American Slave1284 Words   |  6 Pagesgreatest American writers in history. The â€Å"Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave† fully captures the brutality of slavery practiced in the American South, experienced by Douglass himself. Douglass provides unique insight into the practice of slavery not only through firsthand accounts of the cruelty of his slavery but also by breaking down piece-by-piece slavery as an unjust and unnatural system. Frederick’s slave narrative forms evidence of the inhumanity of slaveryRead MoreThe History Of The Peloponnesian War951 Words   |  4 Pagesillustrates the plague of Athens and its impact on the population. The work provides a vivid account as to the amount of suffering and disorder consuming the Athenians during the second year of the Peloponnesian war. Furthermore, Thucydides wrote the piece in hopes of broadening the scope of current events at the time which affected the citizens. Additionally, he sought to inform future generations of the plague so that they could recognize it or conduct further studies should it make an appearance againRead MoreNarrative vs. Descriptive Writing977 Words   |  4 Pages A narrative essay uses a point of view to tell a story. It is an engaging way for an author to tell his reader about an experience they have had or a personal story. Descriptive writing is a description of something. It could be a person, place, thing, emotion or experience. The author is allowed more a rtistic freedom when writing in descriptive form. While both descriptive and narrative essays are similar in many ways, the descriptive essays use of language fully immerses the reader intoRead MoreCharacter Analysis : Arabian Nightmares995 Words   |  4 Pagesan adulthood thrust upon her by circumstance, combat, and war. Through the power of a brilliantly constructed script and a truly dynamic performance, the performance leaves tears in eyes and many thoughts left in heads about this unknown war. This piece  brings home the devastation and despair much sharper than any news report could ever do. Angel  is the third instalment of a trilogy entitled Arabian Nightmares. Rehana (Angel) is a near-mythical figure who during the siege of Kobane (a Syrian townRead MoreAside From The Approach Taken By Elaine Tyler1475 Words   |  6 Pagestaken by Elaine Tyler May and Jessica Weiss, Alan Petigny argues in his book The Permissive Society: America, 1941-1965 against the traditional narrative of the 1950s being the years of conservative values, religious resurgence, and family orientation. Instead, Peking argues that American social norms remained conservative during the 1950s, however, personal values and behavior underwent a significant process of liberalization between 1941 and 1965. This is a similar view shared by Jessica Weiss.

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Digital Marketing Strategies Of Dentistry Asleep †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Digital Marketing Strategies Of Dentistry Asleep. Answer: Introduction: Dentistry Asleep, Dr. Kevin Dann is a certified and specialized provider of Dental Anaesthesia, which is located in Toronto, Ontario. The organization provides dental treatments to both adults and children while promoting anaesthesia, which enables treatments in a peaceful state of relaxation. Several surveys have indicated that the population in Ontario prefer the just freezing option over anaesthesia as they are unaware about the benefits of anaesthesia. Dr. Kevin Dann is a certified specialist in dental anaesthesia and offers several sedation techniques that involve use of mild, moderate and intravenous sedation techniques that make the patients sleep during the dental treatments. The anaesthesia provided by Dr. Kevin Dann is entirely different from the ones provided in the hospitals as he uses fewer medications, lower dosages and milder anaesthesia as compared to the anaesthesia techniques used by the traditional hospitals ("Family Dentist Toronto Ontarion | Sedation Dentistry | Dentistry Asleep Dentistry Asleep | Dr. Kevin Dann", 2018). The organization also caters to the dental needs of the children while reducing the number of visits to the doctor. Dentistry Asleep is very safe as there are strict controls and precautions that are taken into consideration while treating a patient. Objective: The objective of the report is to determine the manner in which the organization uses digital strategies on their websites for acquiring, converting, retaining and adding value to its customers. Digital marketing: Digital marketing refers to the utilization of technologies especially Internet for marketing the products and services. Digital marketing also involves use of mobile phones and several other digital mediums for marketing the products and services of an organization. Digital marketing methods involve content marketing, campaign marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce marketing and search engine marketing (Chaffey Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). Digital marketing enables the customers to interact with the brand more easily by using technologies. Digital marketing helps the organizations to exchange information regarding their products and services with its customers in a more effective manner using digital mediums such as e-mail, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many others. Digital marketing also enables the organizations to gain a competitive advantage over the rival organizations by establishing sound relationships with the customers and re taining them. Digital marketing activities of Dentistry Asleep, Dr. Kevin Dann: Dentistry Asleep, Dr. Kevin Dann has its presence over several social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and blog. The official website of the organization encourages the viewers to write a review over Google + and like their Facebook page. The organization provides detailed information regarding its services so that all the viewers obtain complete information regarding the organization. It also enables the viewers to contact them via calls and emails (Armstrong et al., 2015). The website also enables the viewers to ask a question by submitting their name, email, phone number and comments or suggestions. The website has been designed to provide suitable answers to the queries of the customers and provide proper information related to the organizations dental practices. The website also enables the customers to book an appointment as per their convenience. The use of digital marketing has witnessed a huge rise in the past few years. The increase in the use if Internet and social media networking sites have enables the organizations to reach their customers more easily. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter advertisements have gained huge popularity in the recent years and have given the opportunity to the organizations to acquire new customers as well as retain them (Ryan, 2016). Dentistry Asleep, Dr. Kevin Dann has effectively designed its website in order to cater to all the requirements of its customers. However, the organization needs to improve its digital marketing strategies in order to attract more customers. The organization has its presence over social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + but it needs to enhance its interactions with the customers. Dentistry Asleep, Dr. Kevin Dann has designed and used its website as a part of their digital marketing strategy for the following purposes: Acquiring new customers: The website of the organization is very simple and is designed in such a manner that anyone can easily obtain proper information about the organization and the services provided by the organization. The patients, who suffer from some dental issues, can easily access the website of the organization and ask questions related to their issues. The website also enables the customers to contact the doctors via phone calls and e-mails so as to obtain answers to their queries. The website also allows the new customers to book an appointment with the doctors. The organization has kept its website simple and attractive in order to attract and acquire new customers (Rowley Keegan, 2017). The website mentions the range of services provided by the organization and helps the new customers with their queries by offering them prompt reply to their queries. The proper description regarding the services provided and the easy access to the website has enables the organization to acquire new customers. Converting new customers into loyal customers: The organization lays equal emphasis on taking appropriate measures for converting the new customers into loyal customers. The organization makes this possible by maintaining the quality of services provided as per the expectations of the customers and ensuring that there are no deviations of the actual services provided and the quality of services mentioned in the website. The organization also sends regular e-mails to its new customers in order to provide them additional and detailed information regarding their new services and offers (Tiago Verssimo, 2014). The organization requests the new customers to provide their feedbacks on Google +. This enables the company to maintain good relationships with its customers and also enables the organization to convert new customers into loyal customers. The loyal customers are expected to visit the company whenever they face any kind of dental problems in future and help in the acquisition of n ew customers by referring their known ones. Therefore, the organization lays much emphasis upon maintaining good relationships with the new customers using several digital marketing tools such as website, Google+, Facebook and several others. Retaining new and old customers: The organization provides detailed and authentic information regarding its services as well as its happy customers through its website and Google +. The organization also has its page on Facebook, using which the organization interacts with its customers (both new and old). The website offers the feature of ask a question to its viewers that adds to the convenience of the customers. Effective communication using digital marketing tools have enabled the organization to retain new as well as old customers. The organization keeps it social media accounts fresh in order to provide updated information to the customers. However, the organization is required to emphasize upon making its online content available on smartphones in order to add convenience to the customers. The online marketing practice of the organization must be focused towards getting more traffic on the site so as to increase revenues. Adding value to the customers: The organization adds value to the customers by following the approach of opportunity, strategy and action. This has enabled the organization to improve its digital marketing strategies as it helps the organization to compare where it is in the present and were it wants to see itself in the future. The organization uses proper strategic approach and obtains satisfactory outcome from he website, e-mail and social media marketing (Leeflang et al, 2014). However, the organization is required to emphasize more upon its digital marketing strategies in order to remain ahead of its competitors. This can be possible when the organization links its personal objectives with the SMART digital marketing objectives. The organization shall require investing more in its digital marketing strategies in order to derive more benefits and increase the organizations profitability. Conclusion: The increase in the popularity of digital marketing has provided an opportunity to Dentistry Asleep, Dr. Kevin Dann to enhance its business operations. Digital marketing is advantageous to small organizations like Dentistry Asleep, Dr. Kevin Dann as the digital marketing activities involve lower cost and investment as compared to the other traditional marketing techniques. Digital marketing provides greater coverage to the organizations and enables the organizations to stay connected with the customers and establish strong personal relations with the potential as well as the existing customers (Urban, Gosline Lee, 2017). Dentistry Asleep, Dr. Kevin Dann has efficiently utilized digital marketing strategies to acquire new customers, convert new customers into loyal customers and retain the customers. However, the organization is required to emphasize more upon SMART objectives of digital marketing in order to enhance its digital marketing strategies and remain ahead of the competitor s. The organization shall require utilizing other digital marketing tools in order to establish strong relations with the new as well as existing customers in order to enhance its business operations and improve its revenues. References: Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M., Brennan, R. (2015).Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Chaffey, D., Ellis-Chadwick, F. 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